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Crystal Spa & Lounge is situated in the historical center of Saint Petersburg at Zhykovskogo str., 18.
Receptionists will kindly assist you to make a choice in a variety of services and products for home use.
In the reception area you will find a table with testers of the offered products. You can try the texture and fragrance of a product before buying it.
At Crystal Spa & Lounge in the Lounge area there is the first in the city restaurant of spa cuisine. All spa dishes are light, nourishing and eye-catching.
The Thermal Suite houses the room with Soft-Pack-System, the room with marble table for wet treatments, the multifunctional thermal cabin, the experience shower with built-in solarium and the relaxation room.
GYM for private fitness sessions with the trainer.
The GYM is equipped with all necessary things for the trainings: pilates, yoga, therapeutic exercises, dance classes, functional and weight trainings, stretching.
The design of the Thermal Suite is influenced by Moroccan culture catering to authenticity of treatments and rituals.
Soft-Pack-System is the unique equipment consisting of heated waterbed ideal for deep relaxation.
In the Beauty Salon our specialists will offer you different spa treatments for hair and scalp, haircut, hairdo, hair colouring, manicure and make-up.
Visiting spa it is like an escape from daily routine. Unique place, bliss, time for yourself.
The design of Crystal Spa & Lounge interiors has its own therapeutic effect. They are made in classical style traditional for the palaces in Saint Petersburg.

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Crystal Spa & Lounge offers its customers personalized service concept in the spa of the new generation, which organically combined holistic approach to health , traditional and new health technologies , methods of evidence-based medicine and a wide range of spa treatments for "mind, body and soul".
Russian and foreign experts provide a high level of individual approach to each client's needs by strengthening the physical and emotional health , achievement of individual parameters of beauty, relaxation and pleasure to a healthy lifestyle and personal growth.
A unique feature of the spa is the presence in its composition of lounge area as part of the concept of equality . This is not only a place to wait and rest , but also for restaurant supply area and club communication style "taste of health". The spa menu is designed with a dietitian and chef , held specialized training about the secrets of a healthy diet and foundations spa cuisine. Spa cuisine meals have not only an attractive design and a special taste , but also contain specially selected "beauty, brain, mood" ingredients . Russian and foreign experts provide a high level of individual approach to each client's needs by strengthening the physical and emotional health .


«Crystal Spa & Lounge» - this is no ordinary spa. The world's first salon was designed and built in full compliance with the principles and technologies used in the construction of ancient temples and pyramids and detailed in the book by Valery Uvarov, "Pyramids - Legacy of the Gods."


Нина Владимировна
Волшебное место, где творятся чудеса!))) Огромное спасибо за радушный прием. Желаю благополучия и процветания! 19.06.18