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Crystal Spa & Lounge is a luxury day spa recently opened in the heart of St.Petersburg. The spa implements a personalized spa & wellness concept based on a holistic approach, traditional wellness methods and evidence-based medicine.


In Crystal Spa & Lounge you will find specialists in spa therapies, cosmetology, traditional and complementary medicine as well as fitness trainers and hair stylists. A spa coordinator will work with every client to personalize a treatment programme in areas of deep relaxation, weight loss, stress management and overall improvement of appearance and health.

Spa interiors from a French architect Marc Prigent are done in classical styles traditional of the palaces in St Petersburg to which French elegance and chic have been added. Luxurious interiors with sophisticated furniture, mirrors and crystal chandeliers establish splendor but also form a cozy “home away from home” atmosphere.  The Thermal area of the spa is influenced by the Moroccan culture catering to authenticity of treatments.

Inside the spa, negative effects from hectic urban life, dissolve and the energy is relaxing and harmonizing. Healing effects of spa treatments increase and encourage vital processes in the body as well as spiritual growth in the clients.

Spa includes 10 treatment rooms: cosmetology, hydrotherapy, massage and manual therapy, fitness room for individual use, hair salon, thermal suite with a steam room, soft-pack system, heated marble table for wet treatments. The lounge is the central point of the spa. This is not only a relaxation area but also a restaurant of “taste of health” cuisine. The spa dishes are designed to enhance “beauty, brain and mood” and developed by a team of chefs with inspiration from the UK and France. The spa features 8 individual changing cabins with shower cubicles for private use.

All spa areas are equipped for creating individual microclimate: dimmed lightening, state-of-the-art ventilation, conditioning and ionizing systems. You can make use of Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet everywhere in the spa. Video images projected onto stone, glass and water, and high-quality audio technology provide Hi-End acoustics for an ultimate experience.

Spa treatments are based on cosmetics from famous product houses such as Comfort Zone (Italy), La Sultane de Saba (France), Thalion (France) as well as Kurland (Austria) with natural products for body treatments with herbs, muds, sea salt and oils.