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Autumn 2012 in Spb

«Crystal Spa & Lounge» - this is no ordinary spa. The world's first salon was designed and built in full compliance with the principles and technologies used in the construction of ancient temples and pyramids and detailed in the book by Valery Uvarov, "Pyramids - Legacy of the Gods."

Choosing this path was directed by the desire to create a spa, fundamentally different from all the spa salons by its energy and healing properties.

Last time the "technology of the gods" were used in the construction of temples and pyramids thousands of years ago, but the mention of "divine properties " possessed by the pyramids and temples of health, have come down to us in the traditions of different nations and were always sparkling the imagination.

In autumn of 2010 the framework of the concept of the future interior was shaped up, although later it became something more than just a spa.

A distinctive feature of the concept was laid down at the design stage and included a holistic approach to health in general, as well as the use of ancient technologies for effective maintenance of health and beauty in a metropolitan area.

The use of these technologies provides humankind with unique opportunities and broad prospects, the practical importance of which is beyond the significant financial investment in this project. Despite the rise in the cost of the project by 15 - 20% and complexities of the architectural and engineering management, the investor decided to apply the "technology of the gods" for maximum healing effect. The beginning of the design work started right after selecting the space and the analysis of its energy. Achieving high-end results always dictates special conditions.

The first special condition –is the entry of the parameters of the future introduction of a spa in a harmonious system of “golden mean”. This significantly complicates the process because the expert, capable of thinking and design within such system - a rarity.

The second special condition – is the culture of construction. Existing standards required the review and selection of staff capable of performing the construction with high precision and accuracy, with tight tolerances - no more than 2 - 3 millimeters!

 The third special condition is the organization of a special interaction between all participants and a clear division: planning, construction, and manufacturing processes for the efficient and accurate execution of the main tasks.

The fourth special condition is the synchronization of all processes of planning, architectural and construction working tasks.  The future of interior of the spa has required a complete renovation with full respect for the accuracy of the parameters in the "golden section”.

 Given the limited working space, had to “struggle“ to fit every inch of usable space, integrating it in the future interior and equipment. This inevitably entailed making adjustments to plans and schedules. In this case, all changes must be agreed between the “golden section” and engineering systems (including ventilation, electrical and low-voltage network), technology features a spa equipment, which greatly complicated the solution of the problem.

According to the concept, the future spa has to become a source of “life energy" and create the most favorable environment for both customers of «Crystal Spa & Lounge» and for personnel who will work there. Moreover, «Crystal Spa & Lounge» was conceived as a "Til.Mun", a place where slowing down of the aging process to take place in the course of the internal biological time, in degenerative and autoimmune processes of the body (See: The Third Stimulus). This fantastic result is possible when the energy system and the internal biological rhythms of the human is synchronized with the Earth’ time flow. To solve this critical problem , millennia ago the Nefers suggested to ancient priests the idea of the design and construction using the principle of the "Golden Section" to provide such synchronization of the rhythms of human energy with the rhythms of the Earth , since the possibility of realizing these mechanisms empirically by earthlings was unlikely.

A departure from Canon and regulations for the construction of temples and dwellings, which occurred quietly millennia ago, has led to the fact that modern human is found in very poor living conditions. Existing geological conditions, overlapping with the negative psycho-emotional field left by the war, the death of hundreds of thousands of people, and subsequently poor conditions of the postwar period have created energy environment unsuitable for life.

Geological anomalies, which is St. Petersburg and other towns, has carried out the role of the "batteries" of this negative potential, which will remain on the site until there is a presence of natural geological anomalies and the people living on it.


Map of geological faults of St.Petersburg

As a result, the city became home to a solid pathogenic area to live and work in which in a “normal” way

-is impossible. It must be admitted that the general decline of creative, physical and emotional strength, as well as the general poor state of health is associated with this factor.

In any medical or health institution where people come being energetically depleted for help to energetically exhausted doctors, there is no healthy energy exchange between doctors and patients. The doctor takes upon self the ailments of the patient. The patient picks up a mixture of energies of

ailments collected from the patients’ physician. In this situation, neither of which health is the true subject of the question.

In the concept of «Crystal Spa & Lounge» this factor was taken into account initially. In accordance with the plan of implementation of the concept, the space of the spa would be energetically clean environment in which customers and staff will be in the flow of “life energy ". Such energy promotes recreation of clients and staff working in the salon. The high level of concentration of “life energy " improves the immune system , increase energy level and quality of the procedures, facilitating the professional success of employees of the spa.

Fundamentally change the situation of centuries of accumulation of negative energies is possible only if a number of important conditions are observed. What are they and what will it take?

1. Neutralize (transform) negative "energy cloud" hanging over the particular site of the city or town.

2. To "open the flow of life energy” at a specific site (geofault) and with the help of appropriate technology to change its quality. Afterwards the energy of geofault is transformed into a stream of “life energy", revealing the creative power of human and revitalizing attributes. After this transformation the geofault becomes a unique natural battery which since then will hold a flow of “life energy “on site.  After that, everything starts to change rapidly for the better.

To implement such project in St. Petersburg a place where two major geofaults on the same street come together was chosen on Zhukovsky street in the heart of the city.

The construction began after design work in strict accordance with the ancient canons.


This geofault was chosen subsequently, in accordance with the provisions of the Canon to become the battery of the flow of "life energy".

In the final phase of the project builders felt that «Crystal Spa & Lounge» - became "a power place". The energies of the spa began to have a profound healing effect on humans. At this point one could observe the daily creative potential of people in a spa salon and a significant improvement in their physical condition.


During the preparation of the spa to the “grand-opening” a scientific experiment was conducted, using

the GDV device that allows performing the express analysis of the physical and energetic state. As the object of experiment the person who was chosen people, whose job was to work closely with a large group of builders whose work demands high energy expense. Check measurement condition of the body was taken in the morning before working day in the spa (GDV-grams on the left) and after 6 hours of active work (GDV-grams on the right).

Under normal circumstances, after 6 hours of intensive work any person may display the appearance of fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy and low mental and physical reactions.

The study clearly showed that even at this stage of interior construction spa has on people a powerful beneficial influence. The energy cocoon that surrounds the body has increased in size. Change in the density of the aura and its color is obvious – it has become more golden. The very subject noted a significant improvement in overall condition, such as the absence of fatigue, ease and good positive mood. The physical and emotional condition at the end of the day was better than in the morning.

The experimental result speaks for itself. «Crystal Spa & Lounge» has become a very important source for the human “life energy ", which mentioned in all the ancient sacred texts.

In Egyptian mythology and history there is enough references to the times (meaning deep antiquity, even in relation to the ancient kingdom), in which the gods (some god-like, celestial beings) who came from the sky, lived on earth and talked to people in the same language. It was this period of the history to which Egyptians attributed almost all the “gifts". It is based on such “gifts” civilization in our days possesses now what is called “science”. In particular, the sacred "Book of the plans of the temple” (a guide for architecture, Canon), was delivered from the “heaven”, with indication of the exact location of the transfer.

Preserved on the wall of the temple of Edfu hieroglyphic inscription says that the general plan of the premises of the temple was built by the provisions of the "divine scroll of Imhotep, which he left in the Memphis area, flying off to the gods in the sky."

When designing the «Crystal Spa & Lounge” these regulations and recommendations were applied and thus, the opportunity to build a cabin in accordance with Canon was captured.

Pronounced beneficial changes in the state of people who visited the «Crystal Spa & lounge», they testify that the spa has become a true "temple of health”, built in full compliance with the requirements of the ancients.

Therefore, all procedures in «Crystal Spa & Lounge» have a profound healing effect that distinguishes «Crystal Spa & Lounge» from all other spas in the world. Each subsequent visit will enhance the effectiveness of the procedures, improving the condition of the body and the immune system. The benefits of massage oils and other remedies will be many times more effective. This was confirmed by all the scientific experiments carried out at the pyramids and described in the book "The Pyramids - Legacy of the Gods.”

Now we can say with confidence that «Crystal Spa & Lounge» is a place of deep emotional and physical relaxation. Everything has been designed to improve the physical and spiritual growth. This place is a high concentration of energy, stimulating creative and spiritual faculties in human.

«Crystal Spa & Lounge» is a place what the ancients called "Nefer-Ta-Ra" (the abode of the god Ra). The meaning of the corresponding hieroglyph  and  explains that a person in such a place stays close to Ra (Ra within the flow of energy), so you can experience the "effect of the temple," to feel the energetic presence of Ra and make a wish.

Constant presence in the flow of the pure "energies of Ra" reveals the creative potential of the staff and ability to improve the quality of daily procedures. Changes in quality require daily monitoring and control of dynamic processes of its development. In the energy environment of «Crystal Spa & Lounge» all processes are alive and changing every day. Given the complexity of relationship between the two, beginning and ending of the procedures and behavioral responses of clients and staff, supervision and monitoring should be carried out in real time. This is another special condition and the most important function - management implemented in already open for service enterprise as a dynamic living organism.

The concept of «Crystal Spa & Lounge» based on the principle of personal service that is expressed in the selection of individual programs in the field of rehabilitation, including: cosmetology, massage, diagnostic relaxation programs, dance techniques and fitness, style kitchen (taste of health) «Taste of Health" and the special atmosphere of «Crystal Spa» any procedure gives the effect of calm and relaxation, relieve of heavy stress.

«Crystal Spa & Lounge» - this is a special energy-ecological environment, which features an amazing atmosphere of friendliness and high quality of service. The negative factors of the urban environment are being neutralized in spa.  For the first time, after a pause in the millennia, it is in the «Crystal Spa & Lounge», the true temple of health, which was built in accordance of the Canon, the music recorded in the central chamber of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt sounds. Each spa service room is equipped with speaker Hi-END, which allows not only hear the music, but also to feel it in the body (aura). Special light- emitting equipment allows to use color therapy to deepen the therapeutic effect of synchronization method of vibration energy from the membrane of human energy shell of the Earth (see “Sync “above).


Download the book by Valery Uvarov, "Pyramids - Legacy of the Gods" you can here: Browse through the interior of «Crystal Spa & Lounge» you can here:

To see information about the services in «Crystal Spa & Lounge» please visit interiorhttp://crystalspa.ru


Trying to do anything without regard to the principle of the Golden Section is like trying at random to solder together a receiver tuned to a particular radio station (frequency). The chances of success are extremely slim. Moreover if the receiver is “hardwired” with no means of tuning it in to other frequencies, it will be of very limited use.

If you build a pyramid or make a set of wands without regard to the Golden Section, then in all the population of the world you just might find a couple of hundred people whom they would suit.

The capacity of the Wands of Horus or the pyramid to attune themselves to any human being is precisely linked to the fact that their parameters are in a strictly defined relationship.

In the structural organization of people living on Earth there is a certain “margin of error”, characterizing individual features. A person lives in a certain energy environment, in a field of a certain frequency.

If something is made in keeping with the Golden Section principle, the object begins to interact with a human being with this “margin of error” taken into account. The object tunes into the person, and the organism itself begins to tune into the object.

The principle of the Golden Section is inherent in all things of natural origin, whether living or not, and for that reason it was used by the priests in designing and building. This invested their creations with the capacity to attune themselves in the most general form to the human being, whose whole physical and energetic structure is subordinated to that same law.

It is precisely this phenomenon that lies behind the “Principle of Corrspondence” as the ancients understood it, or the “principle of harmonic resonance” as we speak of it today.

Researchers have long striven to discover the secret meaning of the Golden Section, associating it with some cosmic law or law of the harmony of systems. The true meaning is the following. Everything created using the Giolden Section acquires, on the one hand, the capacity to attune itself to any human being and, on the other, synchronizes a person’s energy structure with the flows of natural (cosmic) energy. Physical devices (be it wands or pyramids) also become in a way alive because they are models of processes taking place in nature.

The Golden Section, which possesses stability and superfluity, makes it possible to organize self- limiting systems.

The idea of a harmony  of the world and of systems  that is bound  up with the relations  of opposites within the Whole derives from the philosophy of Ancient Egypt. The Whole always consists of parts; parts of varying size are always in a certain ratio to each other and to the whole.

“God,”  the  great  philosopher  and  geometrician  Pythagoras  taught,  “is  unity,  while  the  world consists of opposites. What brings the opposites to unity and creates everything in the cosmos is harmony. Harmony is divine and is contained in numerical ratios.

The Golden Section is some relation between opposing properties of any object. Or, in other words, the numerical ratio between two opposites.

In geometrical terms, the Golden Section is the proportional division of a length into two unequal parts, such that the ratio of the whole to the larger part is the same as the ratio of the larger part to the smaller. Put the other way round, the ratio of the smaller part to the larger is the same as the ratio of the larger to the whole. In symbols c=a+b and a:b = b:c.


Fig.   A geometrical representation of the Golden Section.

Proof that instruments embodying this principle were indeed used in construction is provided by the “Pompeian dividers” – a measuring instrument found during excavation of an Ancient Greek temple.


Fig.  An ancient pair of dividers based on the Golden Section

In this instance 56 relates to 90 as 90 does to 146, or in the language of maths 56:90 = 90:146 ≈ 0,62


The Third Stimulus

One of the divine qualities that the Neferu possessed was their longevity, which in comparison with earthly lives seemed an eternity. They achieved this result by slowing down the ageing processes. Death cannot be abolished, but its arrival can be delayed so much that the organism will age over many hundreds, even thousands of years. To achieve that you have to conserve the flow of internal biological time,  something  the  Neferu accomplished  using  energy  sources  and  pyramids.  Of  course  this  is something that will interest the reader and such a simple-sounding solution to one of the burning issues of existence requires further explanation. We shall examine the nature of this effect later, when you read the section of synchronization and the results of scientific research into the effect of pyramid fields on the human organism. For the meantime, though, let us return to theNeferu.

While on Earth, the Neferu found themselves beyond the influence of the energy sources of their own  planets  and so they created  within  their  bases  conditions  for  the conservation  of the flow  of biological time. Rare fortunate earthlings got to visit these bases and later spoke of them as the place where a human being obtained “immortality”.

In the legends of the ancient Sumerians, such a place was called Tilmun – the “Land of Life”. There were several spots like it on Earth. One of them is described in the epic of Gilgamesh, who was “two-thirds  god,  one-third  man”  (of  mixed  parentage).  This  Sumerian  legend  about  the  search  for immortality tells of Gilgamesh, the ruler of Uruk, who asked his “divine father” for permission to enter the “Land of Life”. The ancient scribes composed epic tales of this exceptional ruler, stating that “He knew that not far from the ‘Land of Mines’ lay the ‘Land of Life”, to which the gods moved mortals worthy of eternal  youth.  This  was  the  dwelling  of  the  forefathers  whose  bodies  the  gods  had  washed  with Cleansing Water (energy)”.20 [1]