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Design and Technologies

Interiors are from a French designer done in classical styles traditional of the palaces in St Petersburg. You will also find areas influenced by the Asian and Moroccan culture catering to this authentic atmosphere.

Luxurious designs of sophisticated Italian furniture, mirrors and crystal chandeliers the designer managed to avoid excessive pomposity. Elegant interiors establish not only splendor and harmony but also a cozy “home sweet home” atmosphere as well.

With limited sunlight in Saint Petersburg, the choice of warm sunny colors are honored and carefully implemented.  Elements of fire embodied in gildings and mirrors, fountains and waterfalls, spacious windows and glass screens, wooden decor and plants glitter and unites all elements; sun, water, air and earth.

All treatment rooms have the ability for creating your own individual microclimate: dimmed lightening, state-of-the-art ventilation, conditioning and ionizing systems. You can make use of Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet everywhere in the spa. Video images imposed onto stone, glass and water, and high-quality audio technology provide Hi-End acoustics for an ultimate experience.